July 30, 2011

Early OBF Thoughts

The masses on their way to 80+ taps of awesome.

The OBF is currently underway down at the waterfront and has another two days to go. I'm planning another run down at some point over the weekend, but wanted to give several "check this / avoid this" thoughts thus far. Ones to try?

Double Dry Hopped Glacier Pale Ale (Boundary Bay) - this was crisp, tasty, and perfect for the weather involved on Thursday. Nicely hoppy with a good bite on the end.

Daily Dose Summer Ale (Oakshire) - I ran into Matt Van Wyk in the middle of the parade and his description of the beer guaranteed that I would be sampling it. He wasn't sure if the lemon and grapefruit peel would pop in the beer the way he wanted, but I thought it was definitely in there. It's a great little K├Âlsch.

One to avoid?

Black & Red (Dogfish Head) - This had the longest line right from the start of the festival and nearly everyone I asked about it was disappointed. It's a wild collab of flavors, none of which really work together. I couldn't taste the raspberry, got a blast of mint, and then finished with a raisin/dates which . . . yeah, not what I was looking for or expecting by the description. Your money is better served elsewhere.

Looks like another two days of spectacular weather are in the cards, so if you have the means, get down there!

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