June 16, 2011

Returning To Duty

It's been a couple of months (What, six? Really?), but I'm returning to putting thoughts to keyboard. This time away has not been due to a lack of beer or events, but primarily adjustments in 'work situations' and so forth (welcome to the wonderful world of telecommuting). Thankfully, still employed.

There have been quite a few visits and events that I've hit since January. These included:
  • Apex's 1st Anniversary. A lot of good options were on deck that day. I had one of those moments that summed up my love for this area: sitting outside, in the sun, lightly pelted with rain, and drinking hard-to-find beer.
  • Breakside's 1st Anniversary. Had a co-attendee drive us up to their location so we could give them their due. Had their Randall-aided, serrano-and-mango IPA (.5 seconds of hops and then the flames), had their anniversary ale, had a wit-with-strawberry-and-mango, and had a great time.
  • Zwickelmania. Breweries in Oregon throwing their doors open. We started small (Amnesia) and worked our way toward big (Widmer). Will do this again with different breweries next year.
  • Cheers To Belgian Beers. There was everything from a stout to a near-cocktail to straight IPAs represented. Breakside's Brewers' Bramble was my vote for best in show - truly unique among a sea of really good offerings. If you are in the area next year, this is a MUST ATTEND event.
  • Portland Fruit Beer Festival. This was a first time festival run last weekend and due to weather and word of mouth, the attendance level dwarfed expectations. My mantra of "get there early" paid off, but others that arrived late found smaller selections as kegs ran dry. I expect the PFBF to have a break-out second season and will be there with bells on. And if you, dear reader, have the power to convince Hopworks to remake the Chili Chupacabra Stout, do so and earn the thanks of many grateful drinkers.
July is on the horizon. Fests everywhere. Should be interesting.

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